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Search through heaps of legal documents and find expert-level quotes matching your queries in seconds.

Introducing Hotseat

Smart Search

Hotseat lets you search over long, complex documents such as regulations or guidelines in an intelligent way, and find quotes that address your questions. It’s like Google but over a collection of documents, and with a deep semantic understanding.

Collection of public documents
We support searching over a specific collection of public documents. E.g. the GDPR, all GDPR-related ECJ rulings, European guidelines, etc.
Metadata extraction
We not only search through the documents, but also understand their associated metadata: date of publication, category, issuing body, etc. and carry this information with quotes you find and save.
Fast and Pro search
Fast search lets you quickly sift through documents and pull up quotes matching your query semantically. Pro search has intelligence and instruction following built-in, but it's much slower and expensive.
Upload and search over private documents (down the road)
Create a private collection of documents, or privately combine public sources with your documents. For example, you can search over public GDPR documents and your private notes, or ISO norms. We guarantee privacy and security.
Machine translation for non-English documents (down the road)
Many legal matters in Europe require researching both European and country-level regulations. Hotseat will remain an English-only product, but it will natively support machine translation of input documents. This will let users add national regulations as sources.

Our Status

Hotseat is in private beta

We've partnered with a few legal firms specializing in EU regulations to build the first version of Hotseat. We're still fine-tuning the details and getting ready for a public beta. Our initial focus is on EU regulations related to tech, fintech, banking and financial services, but we're open to feedback and suggestions.

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