Unblocking a Personal Profile on Facebook Under the Digital Services Act


I'm running an ambitious bootstrapped company called Justjoin.it - a job board for programmers. I used Facebook and my personal to talk about company building, and our successes. Facebook blocked my profile claiming I'm using it for advertising by posting from my personal profile. Can Digital Services Act help me unblock my profile?

Executive Summary

In response to your inquiry regarding Facebook’s removal of your personal profile used for discussing your business, Justjoin.it, the Digital Services Act (DSA) provides certain avenues for recourse:

  • DSA’s Coverage of Online Platforms: As an intermediary service, Facebook falls under the DSA, meaning it must adhere to the Act’s regulations and provide clear reasons for profile blocks.
  • User Rights and Complaint Processes: You’re entitled to a detailed explanation of the block and access to an internal complaint system to challenge Facebook’s decision.
  • Transparency Obligations: Facebook must transparently outline in their terms how and why they may impose restrictions on users’ content, facilitating your understanding of the block.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolutions: If internal complaints don’t resolve the issue, you can seek an out-of-court settlement through a DSA-certified body.
  • Appeal Options: Misclassification of your activities as advertising may be appealed based on Facebook’s obligation to clearly identify commercial content.

If your profile has been incorrectly classified as advertising, these provisions of the DSA might enable you to successfully contest the block imposed by Facebook.


  1. Specifics of the block: The user’s Facebook profile was used to discuss and promote business achievements related to the user’s company, potentially leading to Facebook categorizing the activity as commercial use, which might be against its terms of service.

  2. Communication with Facebook: Facebook blocked the profile without prior explicit warnings about the user’s activities and did not provide a clear and transparent process for contesting the decision.

  3. Business nature and operations: The user’s company is a start-up, and the user posted about the company on their personal Facebook profile as part of sharing personal professional experiences, not direct advertising.

  4. Previous similar cases: There have been no previous incidents of the profile being blocked for similar reasons, and the user has not encountered comparable situations with other social media platforms.

  5. DSA’s effective date: The block occurred after the Digital Services Act came into effect, making its provisions relevant to the user’s situation.