Leveraging Digital Services Act Against Facebook Profile Block


I'm running an ambitious bootstrapped company called Justjoin.it - a job board for programmers. I used Facebook and my personal to talk about company building, and our successes. Facebook blocked my profile claiming I'm using it for advertising by posting from my personal profile. I tried to appeal their decision through their automated form, but I have not received any response. My company is based in Poland. Can regulations in Digital Services Act help me unblock my profile? Is there a part of the regulation I can use as leverage against Facebook to force them to act in my favor?

Executive Summary

Under the Digital Services Act (DSA), you as an entrepreneur have recourse to challenge Facebook’s blocking of your profile. The DSA requires Facebook to provide detailed and substantiated reasons for their actions, respect your freedom of expression, and handle any complaints you lodge in a timely and diligent manner. You can utilize Facebook’s internal complaint system and also have the option to escalate the dispute to an out-of-court settlement body if necessary. These regulations serve to ensure transparency and fair handling, offering you several points of leverage to seek the unblocking of your profile.