Welcome to Hotseat’s Design Partnership. At Hotseat, our goal is to compress the time it takes to research a legal topic from days to hours or even minutes. This is an ambitious goal, and we’re excited that you’ve partnered with us on this journey.

Our initial focus is on EU law, including “soft law” such as guidelines. To narrow down our focus even more, we are concentrated on tech, fintech, and banking regulations, but we are open to exploring new areas if they emerge as points of interest.

How to Work with Us

We believe there are two most critical areas we need to address:

  • Coverage of sources we search: new regulations we don’t currently support and specific documents
  • The quality of search results

We are quickly expanding the regulatory areas we support. Soon, you’ll be able to see the sources we are adding.

We expect the quality of search results to vary greatly depending on your search queries. For us to improve search results, we need as many examples of real-world (resembling your actual work) searches as possible. We would like you to reach out to Hotseat with your queries very often, even if the initial results might one-third of the time be of great quality.

Feedback Box

We’ve prepared a one-stop solution for gathering your feedback. Once you log in, you’ll see a feedback button that opens a feedback box:

Feedback box

In this box, you can drop us feedback on any screen or page you see. The text doesn’t have to be long. Examples of good feedback include:

  • “The button on this page doesn’t work."
  • "I wish the GDPR sources you have included this guideline from AEPD: https://www.aepd.es/sites/default/files/2020-07/adecuacion-rgpd-ia-en.pdf"
  • "Wow, I didn’t think of this ECJ ruling as relevant, but AI made a super interesting connection!"
  • "The quotes from this guideline are not the most relevant you could find. I think you’re looking at the wrong section of the document."
  • "Is there a way to summarize the quotes you found?”

You don’t need to take any screenshots; we’ll see what you saw on the screen when you submit your feedback.

We read and respond to your feedback very quickly.

Weekly meetings

We have set up weekly meetings to discuss topics that do not fit into granular feedback box. This is our time to check whether we’re progressing in the right direction, discuss more lofty ideas, and give each other a gut check on the partnership.